In the course of life, one of the largest decisions that you will end up making is your choice to engage yourself to someone you truly care about. It is one of the first steps before marriage, and it is the gateway to beginning a life with the person of your dreams. Because this is such a large task, you might feel overwhelmed about purchasing an engagement ring. You might not know what to look for, or how much money you should spend on the ring itself. However, when you know what your budget is for a ring, and you have professionals that you can talk to about the design, you will soon figure out exactly what you want in your engagement ring.

Planning Out Your Budget

First things first, before you begin looking into the gems and talking with the specialists, you should make sure that you know what your budget is. The average engagement ring cost tends to waver around the $5,500 mark, depending on numerous different factors. Of course, if your loved one is okay with this, you can easily spend less than this on your ring. Many people set up a “two month’s salary” rule, meaning that (at least) two month’s worth of your salary should go into purchasing the engagement ring. This is usually a good place to start before you work out individual costs, such as what she would like in a ring. You should expect to spend somewhere between what you make in two months and the average of $5,500 on your engagement ring.

Planning Out the Ring

Secondly, you would work with the diamond engagement ring specialists to determine how much it would cost to get a design that your partner would like. This will also help you get a firm idea of how much money you are spending, and how much certain features cost. Getting through this step might hurt when you look at the cost of the ring, but it is a crucial step to get through.

This is also the step where you will be looking at different features of the ring, such as its material, the way the stones are set, and the colour of the stones themselves. This is where all the designing will happen, and when you stay in close contact with the specialists, you can rest assured knowing that you will be able to figure out the sweet spot between the perfect ring design, and a cost that will not break your budget. Before you know it, you will have the perfect engagement ring to present to your beloved on the day that you propose to her.