Out of all the different metals that there are in the world, a fair few of them are used in jewellery. With this being said, you will want to make sure that you are getting the best metal that you can when you are getting a jewellery piece that is as important as an engagement or wedding ring.

When it comes to these metals, you have a few options to choose from. Do keep in mind that the metals for these rings are often very high quality, which means that while you might get more out of them when it comes to endurance and durability, they will cost more than what you might expect.

What Are The Three Most Common Ring Metals

When it comes to working with the best jewellers in Brisbane City, you will want to make sure that you are getting your jewellery made with some of the most suitable metals that you can.

First, there is the one that everyone knows and is used to. The most common metal that is used for engagement and wedding rings is going to be silver. Not only does it have a colour that can match almost any gemstone you choose to put on the ring, but silver can also be a fair bit more durable than gold can without losing any of its characteristic lustre. Silver is going to be decently priced, often not as expensive as platinum or gold, and it will be in stock the most often. This makes it an excellent choice for your engagement ring.

Second, there is gold. Gold is going to be the second most common metal used in specialty rings such as engagement and wedding rings, and there are many reasons for this. For one, there is the fact that gold is such an iconic metal that some people find it important to have a special ring made from it. Another reason why gold is so popular is that there are three major kinds of gold. These types of gold are specific alloys that have a colour to them that you can’t really get anywhere else. There is traditional yellow gold, white gold, which mimics silver and platinum, and rose gold, which has a unique rosy hue.

Finally, there is platinum. Platinum is much like silver in many ways. It is a similar colour as silver and it has a similar amount of lustre to it when you purchase it from a reliable seller. On the other hand, platinum is far more durable and can take much of a beating than silver can. Sadly, this makes it a more expensive option to consider for your wedding ring.

Why Is The Metal Important?

Arguably, the metal is one of the most important parts of the ring. If you choose to put next to no thought into the metal of your ring, you could end up having a ring that does not look good at all, or a ring that can be easily damaged. Nobody really wants this to happen.

Thankfully, by putting some effort into choosing a ring, you will surely be able to find one that suits your needs.