So, it’s been awhile since you have decided that she is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. From the first day you met her, you’ve felt it deep in your gut that there is something extra special about this woman. You can’t imagine your life without her, and being without her would mean a dark, empty world. You just woke up one day wanting to marry her.

You have contemplated enough when the best date to propose is. You have already booked the best and most romantic restaurant in town and bought yourself a new apparel that will make you look extra handsome for the night. But wait! Looks like you’ve forgotten something. A ring! A diamond engagement ring that would look perfect on her.

For many years, diamond rings have been commonly used for engagement because they are the perfect symbol for eternal love. Buying her an engagement ring with a lovely and brilliant diamond on it will surely melt her heart, knowing that you want to be with her, not just for life, but for eternity. Before you go out shopping for an engagement ring, we’d love to help you make your mission a little bit easier on your part.

1. Find a reputable jeweller

There are a lot of jewellers in your local area, that’s why you shouldn’t settle for the first one you find. The internet is a good place to start hunting. Find as many jewellers as you can in your area. Narrow down your list by doing a background check on them by reading the customer review section. This will give you an idea how reputable, fair, and knowledgeable they are in helping you choose the perfect diamond engagement ring that is worth you budget and personal requirements.

2. Decide what to get

This is indeed the most difficult part because you do not want to spoil your surprise by asking your woman what she wants and her ring finger size. For this matter, you may need the help of your friends to act as accomplices. This will help you get a grip of what she wants and her finger size.

If you want an expert advice on what style is perfect for your woman, seek professional help. That is why you need to find a credible jeweller because they have an extensive knowledge on jewellery. There are 10 diamond cuts and each cut has a different meaning that may match perfectly with your woman’s personality.

So there you have it. Being able to buy the perfect diamond ring for your woman does not need to be complicated. Do you have any more suggestions? Let us know in the comments!