This article talks about a few items that you must have for your wedding.

While it’s nice to have your wedding in an exotic location, but a church is usually the most popular choice for weddings. The pastor or priest is a very important part of your wedding, but the rest of your wedding essentials are equally important.

Be it a pastor, a priest, or even the mayor, as to how you choose your officiant, always remember that he or she is one of the most important people in your wedding ceremony. He or she is the one who conducts your wedding ceremony, whether you are both familiar with each other or not. They receive your vows and perform your ceremony. If you’ve never done it before, an officiant may help you choose the ceremony that best suits you. While most officiants will charge by the hour, you should ask if they have any minimum requirements or if they can customise your ceremony.

The Marriage Certificate

You need a certified copy of your marriage license. This is the official document of your marriage and the only document that legally binds both of you. While it’s true that this doesn’t really have much value to you now that you’re married, you will need it for tax purposes. If you are planning to get married abroad, make sure that you can present a certified copy of this to the embassy or consulate where you are marrying. The only problem with this is that most embassies require you to pay a small fee to get this documentation. So, if you have to get married abroad, you’ll have to budget that cost. If this isn’t an issue for you, there’s no reason not to have the certified copy.

The Wedding Cake

The cake is the centerpiece of your wedding reception. Your wedding cake must be a work of art and made to your specifications. It should be elegant, beautiful, without being overpowering. It should be something that you both enjoy eating. The wedding cake is typically a big part of the wedding, so don’t skimp on it. You should make a good impression on your guests with your cake.

The Wedding Invitations

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The wedding invitation is the first contact that you will have with your guests before your wedding ceremony. If you want your guests to know what kind of reception they’re invited to, you must send them out your wedding invitations in advance. Send your invites at least four weeks ahead of time so that you and your guests will have time to prepare. The wedding invitation is also the first chance for you to let your guests know when the party will start. The wedding invitations can be provided by your wedding planner. If you have any special requests, be sure to let your planner know right away so that the invitations do not get lost in the shuffle. Make sure that the invitations are sent on time.

Now that we’ve gone over the list of essentials, there are still other things you have to think about when it comes to your wedding. You may want to know some wedding safety tips as well as guidelines in choosing the wedding venue, all of which can be found with a quick search online.

Both your wedding ceremony and reception should be memorable for everyone who attended. Most of all, they should both show both of your personalities. The more unique and personal the reception, the more it will mean to everyone. By simply following these essentials, you will be well on your way to creating a memorable event.